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Amazing VPK Program!
I want to truly thank you all for my daughter's amazingly successful VPK experience! As an owner, Mrs. Carrie is always involved and truly cares about her little ones. I couldn't have selected a better school for my princess. Thank you so much for all you do! Thank you Ms. Kim and Ms. Ruth for being so caring and passionate ...you ladies have set the bar high for my daughter's future teachers. I wish you all a great summer and once again...thank you all for all your hard work and dedication, making sure our babies are well taken care of!
Four Stars!
This school is amazing. The teachers and staff are all great with kids. The owners are incredible, they really care about the students and their families. I highly recommend this center.
Dawn B
This is the Place!
Truly, if you (like many of us) work and must place your most special and beautiful child in the care of someone else...this is that place! I can't imagine another after school care on earth that would love and guide my only child - and help her ALMOST as much as I would myself as her mom. :) If you are fortunate enough to have a chance to send your child here...do it! :) You see, I'm very proud that my daughter is an honor roll student; however, as a busy working mom it is not always me who has the privilege of helping her with her homework or encouraging her to continue to build on her already great character. I feel so blessed that this school is nearby to treat her with the same dignity and respect I would.It speaks highly of the owners that they bond so closely with each child and are always ready to talk at length to the parents. It speaks highly of the people they employ..such as Miss Annie (who is a doll!) :) that every day I can trust someone has asked her about her day, helped her with her homework, and made sure she has had a great experience playing safely with her friends.I work rather long hours, so I don't have the privilege to love on my little girl every day after school - which is why I feel SO blessed to have these wonderful folks!
Shayna King
We love this school!
The owners at this center do way more than most schools do for their students. The extra curricular activities they provide are an added bonus to all of the other positive attributes this school has to offer. We have been with them for over a year and really love what they have to offer. I recommend this KRK to everyone I know. Love the staff, facility, and the quality of education my son gets here.
Wonderful Safe Haven
Thank you for ALL the extraordinary care Kids R Kids provided our precious daughter all these years. Kids R Kids has been instrumental in creating a fundamental culture and developing great memories that she will convey the rest of her life. We can honestly say we were worried the first day we dropped her off but you and along with your staff proved yourself to be the only childcare facility we can truly trust. It’s never an easy feeling leaving your child in someone else care and not know how well they’ll be treated but you surpassed our expectation. Thanks again for all you do, we are greatly appreciative but saddened that our daughter has out-grown such a WONDERFUL safe haven.
Juan D.
We recommend KRK to our friends and family!
I am a parent of 2 children who are (have) attended KRK-Southshore we started there when my daughter was 18 months (2007) and my son began attending at 12 weeks of age (2008). We have always felt the school provides a safe, loving, nurturing, and educational environment. The teachers and staff are always friendly and willing to give their time to the students and to the parents. Most teachers have been there for several years and there have been several teachers whom have taught both my daughter and son. Any concerns I have ever had, I have spoken directly to the director &/or owners and the issues were resolved and always kept an open dialogue with me regarding my concerns. My daughter graduated from the VPK program and I feel the firm educational foundation she received has assisted her in excelling in Kindergarten & 1st grade. My son is current in the VPF program, and again I still feel very confident in the skills/knowledge he is learning will assist him in his further education. I have recommended KRK-Southshore to friends and family and will continue to do so for many years to come.
happy girls
Both of my daughters attended KRK Southshore. My oldest transferred there from another local daycare when she was three and my youngest attended from the age of 3 mos - 4 years (we moved away over the summer or she would still be there) . We couldn't have been happier with the facility, the teachers and the owners. One particular advantage is that the owners are on-site and accessible daily. They are extremely responsive and always concerned with the safety and well being of the kids. I appreciated the focus on providing healthy, whole food meals, lots of outside activities and providing a fun learning environment. My daughter went to kindergarten already knowing how to read. The teachers are engaged and capable and also very responsive. I have recommended KRK-Southshore to everyone looking for a daycare in the area. Great place.
happy mom
A great school for over 5 years
I enrolled my first child at Kids R Kids the very first day they opened! Since then two of my children have graduated from the VPK program and my youngest will be graduating from that same program this year! I am probably their biggest cheerleader in this community! For more than 6 years, i've only had extremely positive experiences with the Kids R Kids- South Shore. The owners, Carrie and Kevin Elwell are fabulous. The front desk staff is consistently happy and ALL of the teachers are always so warm and friendly. Even teachers that we have never had- they all acknowledge my girls when we walk in and are happy to see them. My oldest girls are now in 3rd and 4th grade. Both are in the gifted programs in their elementary school and there is no doubt in my mind that the nurturing and education they received at Kids R Kids early on, played a very important role! I have sent many friends and family to KRK over the years and all of them have had the same experiences! Its great to have a place like this in our community that is so instrumental into developing the futures of our "little people" and caring so much about them at the same time! Thanks KRK-
glad we switched
This facility is amazing. It is so clean, open and bright. My 3 year daughter has been attending this school for about 4 months. In that short time we have seen her vocabulary and social skills blossom. She speaks and acts like a pre-school kids. She loves the teachers and her schoolmates. I love the fact that she goes to a cafeteria for lunch and follows a core curriculum. They owners and staff are wonderful. I made a suggestion to the owners about bringing in Webby Dance and a month later the class was available to all students. So they really listen to suggestions from the parents.
a parent - FL
Fantastic School!
Kids R Kids is a fantastic school! I am constantly amazed at what my daughter and son learn there. My daughter has been there since she was 12 weeks and she is now three. Many of the same smiling faces are taking care of our son. It is truly a school not just a day care. My daughter shocked me the other day by reading something in the store and when I asked her how she knew what it said she pointed right at the words and told me what they said. I do a lot of reading with my kids but that was all KRK! She is constantly pretending to be at school and be the teacher. When she does that I consider it an insight into how her day goes, which means lots of reading, singing, hugs, pretend time and learning how to treat others.The curriculum over the summer was fantastic! They explored space, the antartic, oceans, caves, jungles and more. I got a speech one morning about how penguins live in the cold and snow and eat fish from my 2 1/2 year old! The extra activities are fantastic and well rounded. We count our blessings everyday that we have such a wonderful place to bring our kids while we are at work.
T.T. - FL
Kids Learn by Example
I just wanted to take a few minutes to report how much I appreciate that Ms. Shondra, Ms. Lisa, and Ms. Maria know this as they interact with the children (and my son) in Room 250. This morning, I watched the online camera and noticed that as usual, the teachers were interacting with the children and not taking the easy road by standing around and just observing the kids. I noticed Ms. Lisa was walking laps around the play yard and stopped to hug children who ran up to her. Meantime, Ms. Shondra was pushing the bubble mower in what appeared to be a race with my son and several other kids. Every morning, Ms. Maria is ready with a warm greeting and a smile. In a world where it may be all too easy to place children in front of the TV and just observe as life passes by, Kids R Kids teachers do an excellent job of actively participating in our childrens lives. I really appreciate this. My son is a mover and a shaker and I love this. He is not content with watching the world go by; he wants to be an active player and I know he is better prepared to take the world by storm for spending time with your staff. Thank you.
Great Staff and Clean Classrooms
We have used KRK since they opened and my husband and I are very happy with everything. I had my daughter there before she started school and I now have my 1 year old there and the same teachers are taking care of him that took care of my daughter. I find comfort in having the same happy staff there taking great care of our kids after 3 years. KRK holds events multiple times a year where parents are invited to come and meet other parents to socialize and have fun. The teachers are so knowledgeable for instance my son has very bad eczema and when I was talking with teachers about it, they immediately knew what foods he should avoid that could make his rash worse. I didn`t have to tell them, they just knew. In addition, they have been very accommodating in applying lotion each time they change his diaper and really go out of their way to take care of my child just as I would as his mom. When my daughter was showing interest in Potty Training, the Director had a meeting with me to go over the KRK Potty Training Philosophy and my daughter was potty trained in a matter of 3 weeks. The teachers working with her on Potty Training were very patient and would give me updates when I picked her up. The director checked in with me to see how I was doing and if I had any questions as well. The reason my daughter was potty trained was completely because of the efforts of the KRK staff and their wonderful philosophy. We are very thankful for all of the staff for their hard work and most of all for the love they give our children everyday.
Stephanie Mills - FL
Great Center
I have two girls (5 and 7) who absolutely love Kids R Kids! We`ve been here since they opened the doors and really enjoy the friendly staff, safe environment and great teachers!
J Westcott - FL
We love it
They are always polite and the kids never cry when I drop them off.
J.C. - FL
My boys love it
I have two boys (3 and 10) who really enjoy KRK. We have tried out other daycare centers and this is the best one around. Thumbs up!!! Great job done by all the staff.
J. Satterfield - FL
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